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Cupid’s Pulse: 7/29/2019: How to Pick Up the Man You Like

Cupid’s Pulse: 7/8/2019: Ask the Guy’s Guy: Online Dating for Beginners

Cupid’s Pulse: 6/24/2019: Ask the Guy’s Guy: How Can I Support my Man’s Mental Health?

Cupid’s Pulse: 6/12/2019: Ask the Guy’s Guy: Should I Stick Around to Feel the Spark Again?

Cupid’s Pulse: 4/9/2019: Ask the Guy’s Guy: Should I Follow My Boyfriend to Where his Job Is?

3/12/2019: The Mystical Matchmaker Podcast with Marla Martenson: The Greatest Misconception Women Have About Men

2/12/2019: Victory Chicks Radio with Annmarie Kelly: Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love Author Robert Manni

1/31/2019: Cupid’s Pulse: Ask the Guy’s Guy: What Do I Do if I Have Trouble Opening up to my Significant Other?

1/3/2019: Cupid’s Pulse: Ask the Guy’s Guy: How Do I Get Through the Holiday Season Being Single?

12/18/2018: Empower Radio Presents – The Miracle of Healing With Lisa Campion

Cupid’s Pulse: 11/30/2018: Ask the Guy’s Guy: If He isn’t Ready to Date, What Should I Do?

11/27/2018: The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show on KCAA With Kimberly Meredith

11/16/2018: Single in Stilettos: Men Who Want to Date Women their Age

11/15/2018: New Human Living Podcast: A Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Spiritual Seeking

10/12/2018: Single In Stilettos: 4 Types of Men You’ll Meet Online

10/10/2018: Father’s After 50 Podcast Appearance

Good Men Project: 9/7 – How to Keep Your Cool When the Going gets Tough

Cupid’s Pulse: 8/6: How to Win a First Date After Meeting Online

Cupid’s Pulse: 5/14 – How to Use Technology to Prevent Your Relationship Going Stale

GoDates:  4/11 – How to Start Dating Again

Thought Catalog: 4/9 – 10 Questions Every Guy Needs to Ask Himself Before Getting Married

The Mountain Top Podcast with Scot McKay: Episode 123 – How Men and Women Communicate

Cupid’s Pulse: 4/2 – Long Distance Dating

GoDates: 3/7 – How to Man Up for a Breakup

In Search of Good Men Podcast: 12/8 – Man Up to Break Up

GoodMenProject: 11/21 – Why Do Men and Women Have Trouble Connecting?

Cupid’s Pulse: 8/14/2017 Relationship Advice – How Soon Should I get off Other Dating Sites?

Cupid’s Pulse: 7/28/2017 Relationship Advice – How Bad is it to Send Nudes, Really?

7/18/2017: Last First Date Radio – #263 How to Successfully Navigate the Dating & Relationship Landscape

Cupid’s Pulse: 6/15/2017 Relationship Advice – My Partner Fishes for Likes on Social Media

Cupid’s Pulse: 5/12/2017 Relationship Advice – How to Handle Dating Someone with an Internet Persona

Cupid’s Pulse: 4/15/2017 Relationship Advice – He Won’t Stop Flirting Online

Cupid’s Pulse: 3/11/2017 Relationship Advice – Am I His Catfish?

1/26/17: Featured presenter on the Single in Stilettos “Secrets About Men” Event

1/20/17: Featured interview on Hot Life Hot Love podcast, with host Mai Vu

YourTango: 1-13-16 Love at First Sight: A Guy’s Perspective

Cupid’s Pulse: 12-16-16 Relationship Advice: Love at First Sight from a Guy’s Perspective

YourTango: 10-10-16 What if You Knew it was the Last Time Making Love to Your Partner?

YourTango: 9-7-16: 9 Ways to Date (And Find Love) Like a GROWN MAN

Cupid’s Pulse: 8-19-16 Dating Advice Q&A: How Has Technology Changed the Way We Date?

YourTango: 8-16-16 Don’t Kid Yourself—Men and Women CAN’T Be Friends

Cupid’s Pulse: 8-13-16 Relationship Advice: The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Dating Like a Man

Cupid’s Pulse: 7-14-16 Is Liking Other People’s Photos Suspicious Behavior?

YourTango: 6-27-16 Here’s What REALLY Happens When You Hook Up With a Co-Worker

Cupid’s Pulse: 6-9-16 How Can You Know if Someone is Being Honest Online?’s Recommended Blogs of 2016

Cupid’s Pulse: 5-16-16 Is it Weird if He Doesn’t Call Back After a Date?

Cupid’s Pulse: 3-31-16 Is He Hiding Something When He Turns His Phone Off?

Cupid’s Pulse: 2-26-16 Is it Okay to Go Through Your Man’s Phone?

Solo in the City: 2-20-2016 WCJAD Interview with Robert Manni
Cupid’s Pulse: 1-21-2016 – What Does Texting on a Date Say to Your Partner?
Cupid’s Pulse: 12-17-2015 – How Harmless is Sending Pictures via Text?
Cupid’s Pulse: 11-12-2015 – How Do I Tell my Friend She’s Sharing too much on Instagram?
YourTango: 10-10-2015 – Is Technology Killing Dating?
Cupid’s Pulse: 10-8-2015 – Does Stalking on Social Media Create False Intimacy?
YourTango: 10-1-2015 – The 5 Traits Women are Looking for in Men

YourTango: 9-4-2015 – 5 MUSTS For A Successful First Date

Cupid’s Pulse: 9-3-2015 – How Do I Show My Interest in Someone Online?

YourTango: Yes, Guys Should STILL Pay for a Date (A Modern Man Speaks Out)

Cupid’s Pulse: 7-30-2015 – How Do I Handle My Partner’s Family on Facebook?
Single In Stilettos: 7-23-15: 5 Ways to Survive a First Date

YourTango: 6 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Dating Profile Pics

Thought Catalog: 6-24-15: 13 Things Guy’s Don’t Tell Girls About Their Dating Habits

YourTango: 4 Stress-Free Ways to Become the Queen of Online Dating

Cupid’s Pulse: 6-18-15: When Do I Send a Friend Request After a First Date?

Thought Catalog: 6-5-15: 4 Things Women Think They Know About Men, But Don’t

YourTango: 13 Dirty Little Dating Secrets All Men Keep

Thought Catalog: 5-28-15: If You Feel Like Your Relationship is Stuck in a Rut, You Need to Read This

YourTango: 4 Things Women NEED to Know About Men (As Told by a Man)

Thought Catalog: 5-27-15: 4 Pros and Cons to Help you Decide Whether to Give it up on the First Date

YourTango: What to do When Your Relationship is Moving at a Glacial Pace

YourTango: 3 Huge Perks of Getting Married that Men Will Appreciate

YourTango: The 3 Stages of Being Single (And What they Say About YOU)

Cupid’s Pulse: 5-7-15: Can I Blog About My Relationship and Love Life?

Single in Stilettos: 4-9-15: 3 Things Women Don’t Know About Men

Cupid’s Pulse: 3-19-15: Is It Weird That My Man Always Texts Instead of Calling?

Cupid’s Pulse: 1-22-15: Is It Appropriate To Hard To Get When Texting?

Single in Stilettos: 12-5-2014: How to Bring up Being Exclusive with Him

Straight Up Love: 11-25-2014: Back to Basics: How to Make Your Relationship Work

Cupid’s Pulse: 11-24-2014: Should I Be Concerned About My Man’s Social Network Activity With Other Women?

Single in Stilettos: 10-24-2014: How to Get a Second Date

Cupid’s Pulse: 10-9-2014: Should I Tell My Friend Her Crush Has Been Facebook Messaging Me?

Straight Up Love: 9-19-13: The Way Guy’s View Sex

Cupid’s Pulse: 8-22-14: Can You Tell if Someone’s Datable by their Social Pages?

Single in Stilettos: 7-3-14: How to be More Successful with Online Dating

Single in Stilettos: 5-8-14: 5 Ways Women Sabotage Themselves with Men

KnowMore TV: 3-26-14: The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Better Sleep

Cupid’s Pulse: 3-14-14: Is it Wrong to Double Text a Guy?

Galtime: 2-22-2014: 5 Things to Consider Before Moving in Together

Straight Up Love: 2-22-2014: The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Dating (Part 1)

Robert Manni on “Thank God for Mondays” on 89.5 WSOU

GalTime: 1-28-14: 5 Questions to Ask Before Dating

Straight Up Love: 1-9-2014: 5 Ways Women Sabotage Themselves with Guys

Cupid’s Pulse Panel: When is it Appropriate to Send and Event Invite on Facebook?

Straight Up Love: 12-13-13: Sex—How Does it Impact a Relationship?

Cupid’s Pulse Panel: Can I Ask my Friend to Stop Being Dramatic on Twitter?

Straight Up Love: 11-8-13: How to Improve Your Chance for Romance

GalTime 11-7-13: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Him Happy

Huffington Post: What My Son Taught Me in the First 100 Days

GalTime 9-25-13: Yeah, it Happens—When Guys Say No to Sex

Huffington Post: 5 Things Men Can Do Right Now

GalTime 9-12-13: 5 Things He Should Know (and do) to Keep You Happy

Cupid’s Pulse Panel: Can I Ask my Partner to Delete Photos of Their Ex From Facebook?

Straight Up Love 7-17-13 – Four Red Flags For Men

GalTime 7-12-13 – Four Telltale Signs He’s NOT The One

YourTango – Rules About Dating Rules

Huffington Post 6-3-2013: Late Bloomer: How Becoming a Father at Fifty-Something Was Worth The Wait

GalTime 6-3-2013: When Guys Say No to Sex

Straight-Up Love 5-31-2013: Is Technology Killing Dating?

Cupid’s Pulse 5-28-2013: Social Media—The Good, The Bad, and The “Oops!”

Interview with Suzanne Oshima for Single In Stilettos

Robert Manni Official Huffington Post Page

Huffington Post 4-24-13: “What is a Guy’s Guy?”

Straight Up Love 4-12-13: “The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Spring Cleaning”

NBC’s “The Morning Blend” Interview 2

Disciples of Sound Review: “Manni’s Mad Men

Straight Up Love 3-8-13: “Four Ways To Keep Your Guy Happy”

Playboy Radio Interview with Tiffany Granath

KIXI “Chat With Women” Interview

Moll Anderson Sirius XM Interview: 2-20-13

NBC’s The Morning Blend Interview: 2-14-13

GalTime 2-13-13: 5 Things Men Want Women To Know

FastLane Luxury Lifestyle Magazine – Last Minute Valentine’s Advice: 2-12-13

NPR “It’s Your Health” Interview with Lisa Davis: 2-8-2013

KIXI Radio’s Chat With Women: 2-7-2013 (Tune to 45:00 for interview)

WDTN “Living Dayton” Interview 2-5-2013: “Gifts From A Guy’s Guy”
Straight Up Love 2-5-2013: 5 Ways Men Can Man Up, Right Now

GalTime 1-4-2013: What Women Don’t Know About Men

Straight Up Love 12-20-2012: Misconceptions About Men

GalTime 11-26-2012: Understanding Men’s Natural Drive

GalTime 10-31-12: What is a Guy’s Guy and Why Does It Matter Now?

Straight Up Love 10-25-12: Why Men and Women Still Have Trouble Connecting

Straight Up Love 9-13-12: 6 Online Profile Dating Tips

Straight up Love 9-26-12: You’re on a Date. Who Pays?

Straight Up Love 8-24-12: Sex With Your Ex. An Ex-Cellent Idea? 

100 First Dates 8-23-12: If You Want Love, Think Like An Advertiser

Your Confident Self 8-9-12: Robert Manni Introduces ‘Guy Lit’

The Houston Chronicle 8-6-12: Robert Manni Launches New Video

Digital Journal 8-3-12: Robert Manni Launches Guy’s Guy Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Houston Chronicle 8-1-12: Robert Manni’s Sexy Summer Blog Tour and Kindle Giveaway

Tristan Coopersmith 7-30-12: What Men Want

Yahoo! News 7-29-12: Author Robert Manni’s New Video Set To Launch!

Read in a Single Sitting 7-27-12: Charting Your Course In The New World of Publishing

Straight Up Love 7-26-12: Love At First Sight-Myth or Reality?

Love Romance Passion 7-26-12: Why It’s Tough Being A Guy… Especially A Guy’s Guy

Chick Lit Club 7-21-12: How To Reel In A Great Catch This Summer

Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh My! 7-19-12: Steering Your Way Through The New World Of Publishing

Cupid’s Pulse 7-19-12: Top Dating Secrets of Men 

Cat’s Thoughts 7-18-12: The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love Excerpt

Romance Junkies Blog 7-16-12: Why Men Should Get Married. Really.

Eleni Zoe 7-16-12: The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love Review + Giveaway

 Life Passion 7-13-12: Five Words That Can Make You Happy, Right Now 

Men’s Life on ABC Radio/ 6-26-12/7-3-12: Robert Manni talks Fear of Commitment

Men’s Life on ABC Radio/ 6-26-12/7-3-12: Robert Manni on How To Make A Good Impression

Men’s Life on ABC Radio/ 6-26-12/7-3-12: Robert Manni’s Guide To Online Dating

Men’s Life on ABC Radio/ 6-26-12/7-3-12: Robert Manni Discusses What Not To Wear

Slacker, Inc. 6-26-12: Guys’ Guide to Online Dating, powered by ABC Radio

ABC News Press Release 6-26-12: Slacker, Inc. Launches Personalized Lifestyle Station Men’s Life, including segment Guy’s Guide To Online Dating

Life Passion 5-10-12: How Energy Work Helped a Guy’s Guy Find His Center

Straight Up Love 4-17-12: Two Words Men Need To Know To Succeed With Women

Publishers Weekly 4-9-12: Review of The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love

The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love at the Garden State Film Festival

ForeWord Reviews 3-26-12: Review of The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love

The Guardian UK article 3-16-12: No room for Don Drapers in age of digital advertising

3-13-12 TV Interview with Tamsen Fadal, Living Single segment on WPIX 11 Morning News 3-13-12

Straight Up Love 3-6-12: Men’s Deep, Dark Dating Secrets

The Matchmaker Blog 2-12-12: When It Comes To Dating, When Does Losing Something Help You Win? 1-26-12:Interview with Robert Manni

Chick Lit Cafe 1-20-12: 5 Simple Questions To Find Out If He’s ‘The One’

Straight Up Love 1-17-12: Want to finish first? Be a nice guy. Be a guy’s guy

Chicklit Club 1-17-12: A Guy’s Guy

The Book Vixen 1-10-12: Robert Manni Guest Post

Novel Escapes 1-9-12: Robert Manni Stuck On A Desert Island

City Girl 1-6-12: Book Giveaway

The Professional Wingman 12-12-11: How To Man Up For A Break Up

12-7-11 Radio Interview with Pittsburgh morning talk show host Shelley Duffy

Suddenly Books 11-27-11: Interview + Guest Post with Robert Manni

Cupid’s Pulse 11-23-11: How To Run An Ad Campaign To Get More Dates

Cindy’s Love Of Books 11-22-11

1000 Plus Books To Read 11-21-11

WTBQ Radio Interview with Psychic Lisa Ann and Walt Popailo 11-10-11 Robert Manni Radio Interview.mp3

Herald Scotland article 10-30-11: A man’s a man. Got that? 

Daily Mail (UK) article 10-26-11: More Don Drapers in the World? Yes please! Guy’s guide to love says men should date like Mad Men in post-Sex and the City age

NY Post article 10-25-11: Date Like a Real ‘Mad’ Man