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The Guys’ Guy’s 2014 Fantasy Football Overview

It’s that special time of year again for sports fans and Guy’s Guys.

Major League Baseball is entering its annual pennant chase, tennis’s US Open has taken center stage in New York, and another NFL season is about to kick off.From what was once limited to a few football crazies to a mainstay in every office and group of friends across America, fantasy football has taken our sports-centric culture by storm.

I’m not a licensed fantasy football expert, but … read more

NYC vs. SoCal – Part 2 (The Subtle Differences)

This isn’t your usual comparison between LA and NYC. We’re not talking movie stars and masters of the universe or beach bunnies and fashionistas or the Yankees and Dodgers. Those comparisons been covered quite well by numerous insightful writers and bloggers. This post targets those under the radar differences in how people live on both coasts. For context, my in-laws are in Temecula, ninety minutes southeast of LA and I visit them every summer. So through my … read more

The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Hypnosis: Part 1

Guy’s Guys enjoy learning new things and adding to their game. Hypnosis is actually a very old, and to many, a very odd thing, but it will help you with your game. 

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy has been one of the most wonderful gifts of my life.In fact, when I tell people I’m a certified advanced clinical master hypnotist, they often look at me apprehensively, as if I might put them under a spell. This outmoded thinking couldn’t be … read more

The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Time Management

There’s been a lot said about time.

It waits for no one. It plays no favorites. It’s all about the “now”.  Everything can change in a blink of an eye. All these statements are true. That’s why it is important to grasp the concept of time and master the art of timing to help manage our lives. So, in the spirit of knowing when to hold em’ and knowing when to fold em’, I give you my Guys’ … read more