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When Max Hallyday, a rising New York adman, joins a glitzy Midtown agency, he knows the game is winner-takes-all. But when his best friend Roger, a serial womanizer, seduces Max’s billionaire client and puts his career in jeopardy, Max strikes back. He pens a column exposing the ‘Rogers’ prowling the city: The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love. Championed by magazine publisher and former flame, Cassidy Goodson, Max becomes famous… or is it notorious? With the women of New York clamoring for more, sparks begin to fly with Cassidy. Can Max survive his instant celebrity and cutthroat rivals to discover where his heart really belongs? 

THE GUYS’ GUY’S GUIDE TO LOVE is a fast-paced tale of flawed men and savvy women competing for love, sex, power, and money in the city where they play for keeps.


Reader comments and Reviews:

“This is a must-read book, definitely a top 100 book this summer.”

“If you enjoy Mad Men or Sex and the City, this is definitely a book to read before you die!”

“Robert Manni has a message for his fellow men. You’ve got some catching up to do. His words of wisdom on that subject are woven throughout his first novel, ‘The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love’, which follows the lives of two New York men, representing…the angel and the devil on every guy’s shoulder.”
~ The New York Post

“In a storyline that reads like a modern day Mad Men – and a reaction to the success of Candace Bushnell’s Sex and the City series, the book seems to right some wrongs as to female judgments of the male psyche.”
~ The Daily Mail, UK

THE GUYS’ GUY’S GUIDE TO LOVE is the man’s successor to Sex and the City. After flooding the bookstores, it should find a place on the airwaves as ‘The Rolex Mafia’ or ‘The Stolichnaya Jungle.’”
~ Dan Wakefield, author of Going All The Way and New York In The Fifties
“Prepare to man up and hunker down for this exuberant guided tour of the male sexual psyche.”
~ Ian Kerner, New York Times best-selling author of She Comes First and Love in the Time of Colic         

“One of the 100 best books of the summer that everyone should read.”“Like a great rock song, the book has terrific tempo, some surprises, great lines, a beat that hits you deep, something we can all sing along to, and a hook that makes you want it to play on forever. I didn’t want it to end.” ~ Ray Chelstowski, former Publisher of Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, The Daily       Beast/Newsweek
“The author inoffensively explores the nature of men and women, the wily ways of seduction, and how contemporary culture has evolved romantic mores and enhanced (and complicated) the dating dance. Manni…deftly plumbs the thorny depths of dating and sexual politics with this breezy romp and characters to which readers will relate.”
~ Publishers Weekly
“The novel is extremely well written and edited. Robert Manni is articulate and witty, lending vivid description to every scene…fans of Mad Men will delight in the machinations of the Madison Avenue elite and the power hungry set that emerges convincingly…”
~ ForeWord Reviews

“GREAT book, fun read, very ‘real'”
~ Janis Spindel, founder of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking, Inc.

 “A contemporary look at ‘Mad Men’.  Very compelling, very interesting, almost addictive. Manni knows too much about women.”
~ Judy Wald, “the master manipulator and undisputed leader in the ad placement scene                 for forty years,” according to New York Magazine

“Manni astutely captures the mindset of guys with respect to dating and relationships and spins a tale of lust, greed, and ego revolving around advertising executives in New York City. A well-written parable about a man whose life begins to spin out of control and another who needs to live in his friend’s shoes before he realizes his own true character.”
~ Brad Berkowitz, author of The 21st Century Guide To Bachelorhood

“The author’s descriptions of love, New Yorkers, and how they interact are perfect…The Guys’ Guy’s Guide To Love is about karma, living right, love, and the way men and women see each other…It was a really good book that I could not put down.”
~ Melissa,

“I really enjoyed reading the book. I thought it had great characters and a fantastic setting, NYC.”
~ Cindy,“Manni will find a wide audience as he has a great voice, and I would definitely read another.”   ~ Lydia,  
“The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love is one of the most provocative books I’ve encountered in a while…Manni did a fine job divulging the mindset of single guys on the prowl.  But don’t be fooled, this book isn’t all about scandalous shenanigans and cutthroat power play.  This is also a story about self-discovery, hope and redemption…Fans of Sex and the City and Mad Men are sure to be entertained.”  ~ Jessica,

“It was enlightening and refreshing to read about sex, dating, and relationships from a guys’ guy point of view… there’s nothing I like more than a book that manages to get under my skin and challenge me.~ Eleni Zoe,

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