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Why Bruce Jenner is a Guy’s Guy

Yes, I know. It’s not Bruce anymore. And although we don’t know the new name yet, the guy who was once Bruce is now a she. And that’s a good thing— for him, for her, and for everyone else. Why? This is who he is. And who are we to judge this poor soul? Amigos, there is not enough love in the world.

While watching Jenner’s revealing “coming out” interview with Diane Sawyer, I could not help but sympathize with … read more

The Guys’ Guy’s Thoughts on the Sham of the Century

Floyd Mayweather is a magician in the ring. And that’s the problem.

If I want to see someone run, hide, grab, hug, and disappear, I might as well buy a ticket to David Copperfield or Dancing With The Stars. Manny Pacquaio is a trusting soul. And that’s his problem. He works in the unregulated cesspool of a boxing industry and leaves important details like being injured before the fight to his slippery promoters to handle. We now know … read more

5 Tests to Pass Before Proposing (Guest Post)

So you’re in love. 

Congratulations! There’s no better feeling, and as terrifying as true love can be, it holds all the promise in the world, and the potential to define the rest of your life. And if you have reached the point at which you feel genuinely in love with that special someone, you’ll probably be tempted to propose, or at least to discuss the possibility of an engagement. 

These feelings are perfectly natural, but that doesn’t mean you … read more