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Are You Ready To Make This Your Personal Summer Of Love?

As always, things are upside down in good old NYC. Somehow this past winter took a left turn on Route 80 and missed us. Throughout those dreary days though, you were checking out Page Six and the photos of young Hollywood flaunting their beach bodies in St. Barths. And from spring up till recently it’s been rainy and relatively cool. But we are now waking up to a parade of steamy, sweltering days that New Yorkers lovingly refer to as, “Summer in the City”.  Ah, the smell of the 116th Street subway platform wafting along the dark tunnel.   
I’m a Guy’s Guy that has lived and thrived throughout many summers in the city.  When the temperatures hit ninety-five and you feel like you are melting on the subway platform then you may ask yourself why you’ve been pining all winter for this. But, summer is the best time of year, especially for love, and you’ll start missing it the moment that first cool breeze blows through your hair in September. So, the time is now, ladies. There are hot guys prowling everywhere in the city and you’ve got to be prepared if you want this to be your summer of love. And that means have a plan and execute it like a pro. Let the others panic about those extra pounds they packed on over the non-winter. You’ll be way ahead of the game and here’s how you’ll win: 
Be positive, but get busy. So what if you’re dreading squeezing those thighs through your bikini bottom for the first time under the harsh lights of your bedroom. How did that bathing suit shrink, anyway? The fact is that you’ve got plenty of company and you’ve still got time to shape up. Physical activity is a great way of shoring yourself up from the inside and translates in how you project yourself to others. Plus, it feels good. And, you know all the tricks for peeling off the pounds like pumping up the cardio and putting down the shots of wedding cake vodka. Give yourself six weeks, but get on the stick right now. Soon enough, you’ll be on the way to having those Madonna arms.
Get outside. I have a cat named Sooki. She stays indoors. I don’t. You shouldn’t either. This is that glorious time for year when the days seem to go on endlessly. Take advantage of this time and get your butt out of your apartment. Go for a run, a bike ride, or a walk in the park and breathe in nature. Remember that inside you’re a sinewy animal. Go hunting. There are lots of guys in the park. And most of them are in great shape and aren’t wearing raincoats. Want to catch some rays?  Besides tar beach, you can always chill on the Great Lawn or enjoy a day trip to the beach. And there are guyseverywhere.  Like Jagger sings, “It’s time to get up and get out into something new”. 
Take a class. Maybe this year you can’t afford that Hamptons’ share. That’s okay. There are a million things to do in the city. Taking classes is fun and a great way to learn something new. Even minor accomplishments are good for the soul and for your confidence. The city offers so many fun classes and meet-up groups all over the five boroughs. So whether it’s sailing, wine tasting, marathon training, bird watching, yoga, etc., there are a million things to do on a budget and some of the best things are still free. 
Love yourself from the inside out. New York is lousy with narcissists, so that’s not what I mean. I am referring to being kind to yourself. You work hard and you deserve the best. Let your friends lament the small stuff like the amount of foam on their frappuccino.  Your answers come from within. You’re in your prime and only go around the track once so you might as well enjoy every day like it’s your last one. You see a cute guy? Smile. Guys have it tough and they appreciate a smile from a pretty lady like you. Send out positive vibes and they will come back to you twofold. Maybe I’m simplifying things a bit, but that’s part of the message. If you want to enjoy life, it starts with you. If you want this to be your summer of love, make it happen. Whatever you put out, you’ll get back. So make it about love. Before you know it, that first cool breeze of autumn will blow through your hair and you’ll wish that summer would never end. 
Guy’s Guy of The Week:The Beach Boys – for their 50 years together and their songs of summer love.

Will this be your summer for lovin’?