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How to Keep Cool When the Heat is On

Whether it’s pressure from your job, family, finances or the weather, when you feel the temperature rise on the back of your neck there are ways get your chill on. This morning I ran the outer loop of Central Park at 7am. It was already sweltering at that early hour following a week of ninety-degree days. As I passed the reservoir on East 96th Street, I began telling myself, “I am cool. I am cool. I am cool.” As crazy as it sounds I began to feel a slight breeze and I felt better. When I returned home, I realized that regardless of the season there are lots of ways we feel the heat, so here is your Guys’ Guy’s mixed bag of nuggets for finding a little shade when you need it.

It starts inside.

We’ve all faced down the hot streets during a July heat wave, but have you ever noticed how some people look like they are going to drop in front of you while others maintain a cool spring in their step? Some of our engines run hotter than others, but your mind can play a major role in keeping a cool under fire. And it can help you on that hot asphalt in Midtown or in the confines of a freezing air-conditioned conference room for a business meeting. If we are mindful that everything is about the now and importance of not taking things too seriously, it makes a difference in your dealings and how people view you. I think we’re all learned that it’s possible to be too passionate about a project. Cooler heads do prevail.


Studies show that over 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Please read that again and let it sink in because most of us are dehydrated and dehydration is the major symptom in the aging process. So, if you like wrinkles and getting old too quickly, by all means, don’t drink water throughout the day. I know it can be tough to keep chugging water, but it’s really important. It will also keep your thoughts a tad cooler.

Learn to sweat.

I feel much better when I’m into a long run or workout and my body explodes in perspiration.  I feel natural, free and alive—like when you take a long drive on an open highway blowing out the carbon in your car’s engine. Everything opens up and all systems are go. And perspiration keeps you cool. Of course it doesn’t look so great when you are melting through your suit on the subway platform, but at least it’s a sign of health. I’m not a huge fan of air conditioning. I prefer to let my body adjust to the heat when possible. And, there are fun ways to sweat indoors. Just remember to draw the curtains. Make sweat your friend. It’s good for ya.

Be mindful of what you drink in hot weather.

Hydration, take two. I love a cold beer or an iced coffee on a summer day, but after a few rounds, I don’t feel that spunky. That’s because alcohol and caffeine are diuretic. Let’s not get too crazy. A tall iced tea or coffee or a few brews are fine, but when it gets excessive, your hydration is impacted and you might get a bit cranky, too.

Movie theaters and malls.

Okay, most summer moviesfocus on super heroes, zombies or sequels to bad movies. And how many pairs of shorts do you need? That said, damn they keep those stores nice and cool.


Whether it’s the weather or the pressure of daily life, as mentioned in the introduction, affirmations can work to put that chill on a heated situation. If you believe—make that if you know what you are affirming is a done deal—your chances of success skyrocket. For me, the key is making sure that I believe that I deserve whatever I am affirming. It’s about canceling the negative and knowing that things will turn out right. “I am better and better.”

How do you stay cool when your world gets red hot?

This week’s Guy’s Guy of the Week is Paul Newman for his portrayal of “Cool Hand Luke”, one of the greatest movie characters of the 20th century.