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How To Reel In A Great Catch By The End Of The Summer

Fishing and dating – not so different 

Yes, we’re almost at the end of another steamy summer in the city. Whether it’s enjoying a Dunkin’ Donuts Coolatta, a frosty brew, or just slouching down in your seat in a cool dark movie theater everyone has their own special way of relaxing and keeping cool in the hot weather. I’m a beach Guy’s Guy and I prefer chilling at my place at the Jersey Shore. No GTL for me, but lots of time outdoors, playing golf, running on the boards, and enjoying the ocean. Come to think of it, last weekend I noticed a school of fish pass by while I was heading out to body surf. Unfortunately, the fish did not literally speak to me, but they did spark an idea about the correlations between dating and fishing so here are a few ideas to consider that might raise the tide to complete your Summer of Love. 

Check the surf.  They don’t call it surfing the internet without a good reason. This is 2012 and if you are between 21-50 and single…or not, you have probably dipped your toes into the online datingwaters. And, why not? What once was considered an act of desperation is now the norm for most “swingles”. There is an endless wave of attractive, intelligent people many of them just like you who are just a click away on the myriad of dating sites that are now specialized to meet almost any criteria you can think of in a potential partner. Of course meeting new people the old fashion way like, “Hi, my name is Luke”, never goes out of style. But everyone is so busy and those iPod ear buds tend to get stuck into our ears, so actually meeting new people organically seems to have gone the way of the rotary phone for a great number of us. But, that’s for another blog post. This about getting online and putting your best face, er, I mean profile forward. 

 Fish where the fish are.  Old saying, still true. Besides surfing the internet for love, summer is the perfect time to get outside of your crib and meet new friends and lovers. If you are looking for a guy, you might find them running in the park, at a ball game, having a cocktail at a sports bar or cocktail lounge, or at an outdoor class like sailing or kayaking. Frankly, dudes are everywhere and in the warmer months, they can easily be spotted and captured outdoors. And if you are seeking a pretty lady, there is no better place to find them than a class, yoga, cooking or wine tasting, or at an outdoor café sipping Chardonnay with their best girlfriends. And don’t they look fine in those summer dresses or short shorts. 

Use the right bait. Okay it is summer, but you can do better than ordering hot dogs and then smothering them in ketchup on a first date. Okay, one frank if you are attending a cookout, especially since Labor Day is coming up, but don’t forget to throw some colorful veggies on that paper plate also. In these days of judging one another to no end, a new friend will check out what and how you eat. Think about that before putting on that white shirt, fellas. Speaking of which, if you are invited to a party, whether it is a barbeque or at a polo match, do your best to show up and dress appropriately. Yes I know they are back in “fashion”, but leave your oversized Hawaiian shirt where it belongs…in the closet. 

Get fishing and reel them in like a pro. Did I mention it’s almost the end of summer and if you haven’t already, it’s the time to cut loose and have some fun? Whether you are looking for a short, flirtyfling or a more meaningful relationship now is the time to focus your attention on your goal and make it happen. I assure you that it will not happen if you stay home watching the new season of “Swamp Brothers” or “The Bachelorette”. And if you are the shy type, get yourself a wingman or wing woman, get cleaned up and start casting your lines in the water. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you attract what you desire. Now you’re ready to cut bait and start fishing. 

Guy’s Guy of The Week: The Old Man from Ernest Hemmingway’s novel, The Old Man and the Sea, for sticking with his strategy until he landed his prize. 

What are your ways of reeling in your catch of the day?