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How to Run an Ad Campaign to Get More Dates

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Guest Post From Cupid’s Pulse:
In my novel, THE GUYS’ GUY’S GUIDE TO LOVE, our main character, Max Hallyday, writes a column for a women’s magazine doling out regular guy-style sagely advice to the ladies about how men think and how to get them eating out of your hand. He takes a tough love approach, but he is honest and well intended, and as a result…well, you’ll have to pick up a copy of the book to find out what happens. 

Want To Know The Five Steps To Successful Advertising?

Whether you are selling love or mayonnaise, the same rules apply.

1- Know your target market. Men and women spend a lot of time trying to figure each other out, but I’m not sure they take the time to explore what is going on within the culture of the opposite sex. For example, do you think guys know that today’s women have different needs? In the past, relationships had major financial implications. Guys paid. Today, women are self-sufficient, so guys need to address women’s other needs. And for guys, this is a very good thing as long as they are interested in fun, friendship and really getting to know a woman.

2- Know you brand. Look at how challenging it is for people to draft an online dating profile. So much going on around us that many folks do not take the time to sort out who they really are and what they really want. Well, they usually want a lot of things, but a lot of it is reactive and propagated by the media. Do you really need hair like Jennifer Aniston or a booty like Kim K.? Well, maybe a booty like Kim K.(oops).

3- Know what your target wants. Yes, that means that it is not all about you. That may be news to some, well maybe many women and men who feel entitled to the object of their desire, just because. C’mon, you’ve been there. If single men and women shifted their focus to what their prospective paramour really needs, there would be a sea change in dating. This is an area that is most often overlooked.

4- Be fresh and fun. It’s easy to fall into line and think and do the same old same old. Everyone is crazy busy and who has the time to be creative anymore? You do. And when you start thinking out of the box your prospective partner will know and appreciate that you went the extra mile for them whether it be a picnic for two in the park with a bottle of their favorite Chardonnay or tickets to the Met. Going the extra mile is noticed and appreciated. I still remember all the good things about a past relationship because of that stained glass window she had custom-made for me featuring a seascape since I have a place near the ocean. That was cool.

5- Ask for the order. If you feel that you’ve done your homework and know who you are and who he or she is, and still think that there is a chance that you will not end up in a battle to the death over who gets the iPad, then go ahead and let him know that you are available and that you’ve got what it takes to rock his world. Most likely he’ll be more than appreciative. He’ll be yours.

Think You’re Ready To Launch Your Own Ad Campaign?