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Is He A Guy’s Guy?

Image courtesy of Jonathan Mueller

With all the momentum around the ascent of women, it is easy to overlook men in general. They have enjoyed a 40,000-year day in the sun and contrary to popular culture myths, like alligators traversing the sewers of New York City, they are not going away anytime soon. But there is a new guy in town, and he’s someone you should meet. He’s a guy’s guy and in my opinion, he is destined to become a very important representative of our culture.

So Why Is It Time For The Guy’s Guy? 

Throughout history and particularly the twentieth century and modern times, the role and definition of the ideal man has shifted like the sands in a Rudolf Valentino movie. Over time, the man’s man archetype as presented to us by Hollywood and pop culture was initially portrayed as a dashing, swashbuckling hero in the mold of Errol Flynn and Douglass Fairbanks, Jr. Smooth, handsome, and brave. These guys were mostly action, with a flair for the dramatic and a sense of fearlessness that could not be ignored. The women swooned. Then came John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, and Kirk Douglas. Less talk, not as pretty-boy, but alpha males that you did not want to mess with. But, in most cases these fellas were not encumbered by the stresses of modern life that we face now.  The anti-heroes of the seventies as portrayed by Eastwood and Bronson are no longer relevant, despite Ryan Gosling’s character arc in “Drive”. People didn’t quite buy it, yet, but there is a subtext to Gosling’s version of the slow, but steady disconnected male who strives to belong and do the right thing.

So, Is Seth Rogen A Guy’s Guy?

He could be, but a guy’s guy is not the Judd Apatow male that we have witnessed clogging up our movie screens for the past decade. These characters are hilarious, but have actually hastened our need for the guys’ guys to step up and be counted. Women want men to be more manly, but not in a macho-jerk wad way.

So What Is This Guy’s Guy?

A guy’s guy is a contemporary take on a man’s man, but without the testosterone-fueled veneer that ultimately alienated women and motivated them to transcend a need to be taken care of by men and placed in a never-ending purgatory called second-place. A guy’s guy has many of the traits of the archetypal expectation of a “real” man, but in a more digestible way. He likes women and wants them to succeed. He gets it. He doesn’t have to punch his way of out of a jam or burst into the bad guy’s hideout armed with a knife and pointed one-liners. But he will be there for you and his friends if trouble breaks loose at the local tiki bar. He’s reliable, flexible, non-judgmental, and always ready for a good time. He works hard, plays hard, and doesn’t ever forget who his friends are or where he came from. Women feel comfortable with him, yet are attracted to him in ways they cannot easily describe. He’s a man that other men like and respect. He might enjoy playing sports, but no longer lives and dies with the teams he watches. He puts the journey into perspective, he has a plan, and he is always finding ways to help make you, the world and him better. He sounds simple, but he is far from it. He’ll treat you like a woman, he’s physically warm, and will always make you feel comfortable on his arm. He’s not a chauvinist, but he likes it when you put on that pretty green dress every so often. He knows how to drink and is nice to your family, old people, kids, and small animals. His family might not understand him, but he realizes that we don’t pick our relatives. He is someone you enjoy hanging out with…anywhere, and ladies, he is one helluva lover. Unselfish, pleasing, and lusty as a mountain goat.

Why Are Guy’s Guys Important?

Do I really have to explain? Are you, or is your guy, a guy’s guy?