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She Had Me At Meow

A Guy’s Guy Needs a Little Unconditional Love Now and Then, Too…

I’m referring to the kind of love that only a pet can give you. You know, when you come home after a hard day’s work and you are still sore from a few punches in the stomach from your boss or clients or whomever you have to deal with in business or your chosen profession. There is nothing better than seeing those clear animal eyes looking up at you and sending you so much love…along with a healthy dose of hunger. And after you have fed your little beast or beasts or fish or fowl, it feels good. Really good knowing that this little creature is counting on you for love and a bowl of food also. Don’t take that the wrong way. You once needed your Mama to put some tasty grub on the table.  

 Why Pets Matter to Guys’ Guys  

I’ve had a handful of pets in my life at different times and places, but one thing that has been consistent is the love they give and the feeling of peace they brought into my life. Us Guy’s Guys know how to go it alone. When we are just starting out we live in our man caves, drink lots of beer, and eat processed foods along with a few steaks now and then.  Somehow we get by until we meet the right woman who takes a few moments to make sure we… and they… are eating properly. That’s great, but it’s good for a Guys’ Guy’s soul to be mindful of another living being and to take proper care of it.  

 There Is Such A Thing As Love At First Sight

All of my pets found me with one look. I spotted Chachi, my pet cockatiel of twenty-two years, in a shipment of a few hundred of these colorful African birds at what was once a shop called Bird Jungle in Greenwich Village. Now it’s illegal to import these birds from Africa and this cool store is now just another clothing store. The woman I was dating at the time had convinced me to visit the store and buy a cockatiel. When Chachi looked up at me; that was it. I took her home. The woman and I broke up a few months later. Chachi and I spent over two decades together. After seeing this little winged creature flutter around my apartment, we had a talk and I told her that I would never clip her wings again and that I would keep the door of her cage open. Sure, things become messy at times, but no animal deserves to be locked in a cage for their entire life. Not on my watch. I think that’s why she lived such a long, healthy life. She was free to be herself.  

 Why Another Pet Now?  

I wanted to do something different this Valentine’s Day so I thought that a kitten might be a cool gift. We headed out to the local pet chain and after observing how stressed out these animals were and after being nipped by one kitty, we walked across town to the local Bid-A-Wee shelter. No cages anywhere. Just a lot of stray animals and a loving staff. The moment I opened the front door a small feline with big green eyes sitting on top of a shelf far away from the other cats was staring directly at me. I asked about her and was told that she was taken. We checked out a few other cats in another room, but another one bit me so I walked back to the front desk and asked about the little one with the big green eyes. Surprisingly, the couple who was going to take her and her brother decided to leave her behind, so we quickly filled out the paperwork and took her home. Sooki, as we eventually named her, has become a very important part of the family. Yes, she’s a cat, not a baby, but this little kitty follows me everywhere and loves nothing more than curling up at my side. She makes me feel good and she’s reminded me about the importance of love and helping those less fortunate. I am so glad we rescued Sooki and each day I look forward to walking through the front door and seeing her hopeful eyes staring up at me. Okay, so she wants to be fed, but she reflects an unconditional love that every Guy’s Guy needs to experience. Plus, she reminds me to not just think about myself. Give love. Get love. Pretty simple.  

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Is Your Pet A Source of Love?