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The Guys’ Guy’s Guide on Turning the Page and Welcoming the New Year

Most people I’ve talked to hated 2016. So now is the perfect time to usher in the New Year with a clean slate.  Although there was too much war, terror, climate mayhem, celebrity deaths, a global rise in authoritarianism, and our tedious and tiring election and polarizing outcome, your Guy’s Guy wants to remind you that that there is still a lot to be thankful for. And it’s critical that we step into 2017 with fresh eyes and ears, and an open mind. I know that’s a tall order after all we’ve been through, but there are always reasons for maintaining hope in spite of challenging circumstances. If you believe in divinity and a universal consciousness, you know that everything is exactly where it is supposed to be. In fact, through our collective outlook, behavior, and the energy we send out each and every moment we’ve actually created this mess. But there’s some good news—together we can fix it.

So let’s explore a few key considerations as we embark on what will hopefully be a memorable 2017. It’s up to us to make things better, and I know we can do it if we work together and share a love-based consciousness. Let’s start by finding closure for 2016 and putting a lid on two key areas that shaped the year.

1. Dealing with the election – Never in our lifetime has an election so divided this country. If you voted for Trump, you got your wish. “He won, She lost. Get over it.” Who hasn’t read some version of this an endless number of times on social media when DT’s supporters are asked to explain some of his more bizarre actions, statements, and claims? You might ask; what will it take for his supporters to question any of his actions? To get a read on this, think about the following. Right now, his supporters are actually siding with Putin over or current president. That’s somewhat surreal. Let’s see how things go when they get hit in the pocketbook when their health care, Medicare, and social security come under attack.

For those who voted for HRC, there has been plenty of finger pointing to go around. Was she a flawed candidate? Did screwing Bernie make a difference? And how about those hacks? At this point none of that matters. The election is over. We’ll have Ted Nugent sing “Cat Scratch Fever” and the inauguration and have to take it from there. I have two bits of advice: For Trump supporters, at least watch this man and really think about what he is doing. None of us know exactly what that will be, but let’s not defend your vote any longer by bringing up Hillary the next time he says or does something outrageous. It’s on him now so let’s be fair. For Trump resistors, be diligent, but don’t let his victory poison your outlook.  We may not become pleasantly surprised, but be thankful in that his victory is creating a mass awakening of people’s awareness of the corrupt process and finally fed up with the two parties. Hopefully this is a time where real change can take place. Stay peaceful, but strong and stop trying to convince Trump supporters that he is evil. Right now, they are only going to dig in their heels and say, “He won. Get over it.”

To both sides— please stop using social media to try and convince the other side that you are right and they are wrong. Right now, no one is budging from his or her point of view. Unfortunately, we have to forge ahead together in the dark a bit longer before seeing how things unfold. Then people can take strong, yet peaceful civil action.

2. So many artists and celebrities dying – There are millions of boomers and they are getting older. Some take better care of themselves then others. Some have chronic conditions and illnesses for myriad reasons. Some say that the artists that have left us are choosing to move into to a different realm and dimension. The bottom line is that everybody’s physical body dies, and more older people means more death. That’s not going to change.  Enjoy our artists while they’re here and understand that dying is part of life.  And take heart, we still have Keith Richards.


1. Stay positive and be appreciative – No matter how dire the situation may seem, we are alive. If you are reading this you are better off than 95% of all the humans inhabiting our planet. Yesterday I opened the window and let in a raw wind. I was thinking how lucky I was to have shelter. Imagine how tough life was when people had to survive long winters without heat, hot water, toilets and all the creature comforts we take for granted?

In many ways we create our own reality so it’s critical that we manage our thoughts and outlook. Here’s a test—for one day see if you can avoid complaining, arguing, or thinking negatively about anything. Do your best to find the positive in everything that happens over a 24-hour period. It’s not easy, but if you can hold on for even one brief day, you will feel surprisingly good. Every day is a new beginning that brings with it another chance to raise your frequency.  Put that phone down, get outside, and thank the Universe for your many blessings. It will make a difference.

2. Setting intentions and those pesky resolutions – Intentions are the key to manifesting the life you desire. Without intention, you will not manifest what you want. Life will most likely happen to you. Like diets, most resolutions go by the wayside fairly quickly. Gym memberships soar in January, but when you hit the gym in April and you probably won’t have to wait to use the elliptical trainer. Instead of making a typical resolution, give it some teeth by either putting a timetable on it (no booze until Memorial day, lose ten pounds by March 1st, learn the piano this year). Or even better: make lifestyle changes that stay with you (quit smoking, give up eating meat, learn Mandarin).

3. Know that real change begins within – No matter how sculpted your abs become, if you don’t address how you think, see, and feel it’s not going to make you quite as attractive as you had hoped. Real beauty and change begins on the inside. Make it a point to work on quieting your mind chatter. Meditate. Take up yoga. Use affirmations. Read a book. Put the phone down. Get out in nature. Play. Have great sex. Whatever allows you to slow your mind down and focus is a good step on the path to living your truth. Your inner beauty will shine through and make your abs look even sexier.

4. Choose love or fear – It all comes down to this. If you can consistently choose love over fear in your approach to life and all of the decisions you make each day, things will get better. It’s not easy, but it is that simple. Choosing love over fear is the only choice that matters.

This week’s Guys’ Guys of the Week are all of the people reading this post. Over these past few years I have become more and more appreciative of your support and I hope that you have benefitted from some of my musings and suggestions.  We are connected, and here to live in our truth in service. Let’s make this your year. Have a great 2017!