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The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Spiritual Books

Being a Guy’s Guy is not all sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

Reading keeps us in touch with our inner selves and reminds us of our collective connection to the universal consciousness. I’ve read hundreds of books in all genres, but I’m called back by great stories about regular people finding their paths and enlightenment and books about energy and spirituality.  Life speeds by in a flash, and it’s important to take a breather now and then and ask ourselves why the hell we’re here, what really matters and how we can enjoy the ride. There are many well-deserving books that are not included, but the following features a handful of practical, thought provoking and well-written tomes with deep insights and positive messages. I hope you will find an opportunity to read a few of them. You will not be disappointed.  In no particular order I humbly offer, The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Spiritual Books.

1. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. This is one of my all-time favorite books of any genre.  I was walking through a bookstore about ten years ago and this little book literally stopped me in my tracks. I picked it up, began reading and purchased it. I’ve read it several times and it convinced me to study hypnosis. I am now an advanced clinical Master Hypnotist. It’s fast, practical, easy to read and chock full of advice about self-hypnosis, staying positive and trusting your inner self. Sounds like bullshit? It’s not.

2. Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.  A classic New Age helper in seeing, believing and making it happen. Another easy to digest book that packs a punch and a reminder about how we choose our paths and determine our outcomes. Inspirational.

3. The Healing Energy of Your Hands by Michael Bradford. If you want to learn how to manipulate energy for healing, this is the one book to read. Filled with easy exercises and demonstrations, you can learn how to work with the flow of energy to heal and stay healthy. This book inspired me to study Reiki. I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher. It’s that good.

4. The Book of Love and Creation by Paul Selig. This is the second of what will be three contributions about tapping into universal love through the, “I Am” presence. Guides channeled these texts through Paul. The passages are uplifting, powerful, and filled with love. I highly recommend these books to anyone interested in raising their frequency.

5. The Art of Power by Thich Nhat Hahn. This one takes compassion and mindfulness into our everyday practical lives and into the halls of government and business. The mindfulness trainings alone are worth the price of admission. Great reading, especially if you have a foolish boss.

6. Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss, Ph.D. This pioneer in energy medicine expert explores how energyis encoded in our physical vessels and how we can read the signals and take positive steps in managing our spiritual and physical health.

7. Three Magic Words by Uell S. Anderson. If you read or watched the video of “The Secret”you will want to read this book.It strips out the pizzazz and gets down to how our conscious and subconscious minds determine our course of actions and outcomes. You will learn how to eliminate negativity and stay the course in practical terms and through a series of meditative exercises.

8. Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, MD. If you have ever wondered what past life regression is and how it works, this is the book for you. As a hypnotist, I’ve explored past life regression and found that it to be an interesting way to learn more about who we are and what’s inside. Very easy reading as it follows one case from beginning to end. A page-turner.

9. Your Sacred Self by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Yes you’ve seen him on PBS and might think he’s merely a curator of other people’s findings. That said, he makes a lot of sense and he’s taken his game to another level over the past few years. I found this early book to be an excellent primer for learning how to tap into the power of our higher selves and others for self-improvement.

10. The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard. Touted by Dr. Dyer, this little gem dives into the power of the “I Am” with forays into consciousness, creation, acceptance, and righteousness. Another book devoted to teaching us how we are all connected via a universal consciousness. In other yours, we all are God.

While buzzing along with your career, are you taking time to read and reflect on what’s really important in life?

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