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What is a Guy’s Guy? (Part III)

We’re at a critical juncture for redefining men and bridging the communications gap between the sexes.

It’s ironic that with all of our technology, communication between men and women has never been in such a dire state. Over the past thirty years the paths of women and men have changed dramatically.While women have been on straight trajectory of achievement, accomplishment, and long overdue recognition, men find themselves in a tough spot. Although men have never been freer to be whomever they want, it’s also never been less clear who they are. Women are on the move and men refuse to change. There is resentment, a lack of empathy and understanding on both sides. We’re heading in different directions. Enter the Guy’s Guy.

So, What Is A Guy’s Guy?

A Guy’s Guy is a contemporary Man’s Mana nod to the return of the casual confidence and seductive integrity of the classic maleupdated to reflect a belief that everybody wins when men and women can be at their best. A Guy’s Guy welcomes the rise of women, yet competes with them for love, sex, power and money in a time when everyone plays for keeps. Guy’s Guys exude unassuming strength, timeless style, and emotional intelligence. They seek healthy relationships and joyful living. Today’s Guy’s Guy has moved light-years beyond the time when men gave lip service to feminism while struggling to see women beyond the kitchen and the bedroom. Guy’s Guys consider women equal in all ways and treat them respectfully. They don’t patronize women for sex and it’s game on in business with no glass ceilings. 

Why Do Guy’s Guy Matter?

Men are in crisis and risk falling behind if they don’t evolve. How can young men learn what it means to be a man in this rapidly evolving society when they receive such conflicting signals about masculinity that leave them caught between the roid-rage messages of MMA and the tinted moisturizing of manscaping? With Hollywood’s one-dimensional preening power studs, metrosexuals, geeks, and superheroes as role models, many young men are left adrift. Middle-age men fare no better. Traditionally defined by their jobs, the ascension of women and the tough economy has changed everything. Women, more self-sufficient and on the move, will not slow down or step aside to accommodate men’s out of step ideas and constructs. Men need to re-examine their roles and be open to new possibilities where they share the wealth and the burdens. It’s not just up to the men; women need to pitch in as well. Women can help usher in positive change through empathy and understanding as men learn to redefine themselves.

So What’s Next?

This is a wake up call, not a death sentence for men. You’ll find today’s open-minded Guys’ Guys everywhere—learning as they navigate a challenging environment. For a Guy’s Guy, there’s never been a better time to be a man. When men and women can be at their best, everyone wins. Right?

Our Guy’s Guy of the Week is John Stuart Mill, a 19th century proponent of women’s rights.

Is Your Guy A Guy’s Guy?