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5 Ways Men Can Man Up, Now

The advice I read from the plethora of dating gurus, the more I scratch head and wonder what’s really going on.

If men have really become so lame that they need to be reminded that texting photos of their private parts to prospective paramours is a bad idea, then the bar has been lowered too far. Keeping this in mind, I present to you five key areas where men can easily up their game and connect with women.

1. Honesty – This one is numero uno, and for good reason. Besides a Swiss bank account or Ryan Gosling’s charm, honesty is probably the most desired trait a woman looks for in a man. And, it’s a foundation for being a Guy’s Guy. Simply put, women want men to have goals and be the best version of themselves. If you don’t have honesty committed to muscle memory, you’re going to have trouble with your relationships and with life in general.

2. Reality – So many guys want the bling and the babes, but don’t have much to offer in return. If you’re still living with your Mom, we understand, but don’t expect Beyonce to leave Jay-Z so she can hang in your basement and play video games. For the most part, you usually find a mate that plays at your speed, so if you want a thoroughbred, you better have the chops to beat the competition around the track. Too many young bucks want to date women with bodies like strippers while they have blubber guts from pounding too many McRibs. Get real, amigo.

3. Generosity – Women do not like tightwads. Sure, thriftiness comes in handy, but you’ve got to bust out the cash when you hit it off with the right girl. If she is the right one, she won’t take you to the cleaners.  So if she passes muster after a Chardonnay date, ante up and take her to a nice restaurant and PAY THE BILL. No splitting the check on the first date. And put her in a cab after that good night smooch. Even if she wanted to knock boots, she’ll want to tear you apart if she sees you have control of your urges. Trust me, it will be worth the short wait.

4. Empathy – Guess what? Being a woman is hard. Guys can roll out of bed and show up. Women are pressured into bringing it every day of the week. The clothes, the shoes, the hair, the bag. The list keeps going. And she has to take care of your shit, too. A woman’s work truly is never done. Cut her a break, brother.

5. Integrity – If you say you are going to call her, hit up her digits. If you’re no longer interested in dating her, let her know so she can move on. Don’t use a woman with an open heart. Yes, every guy, including myself, has succumbed to his libido and kept doing the walk of shame with a woman he was no longer interested in for one reason only. SEX. Find another lady.

There are lots more where this came from, but ask yourself or your man if he knows how to man up.

Our Guy’s Guy of the Week is wrestler Bruno Sammartino, for his long-overdue election to the WWE Hall of Fame.