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Things Guy’s Guys Like (Part 2)

So what’s a Guy’s Guy?

I keep getting asked this question, and it’s a good thing because in a world where men have never been as free to be whoever they want, it’s never been less clear who they are.  Once again, simply stated, a Guy’s Guy is a contemporary Man’s Man, with a nod to a return to the casual confidence and seductive integrity of the classic male, but updated to reflect the belief that everybody wins when men and women can be at their best. A few months ago I posted a partial list of all things Guy’s Guy—the likes and dislikes.

So without further ado, I submit the second installment, the sequel if you will, of all things Guy’s Guys. And yes, since a Guy’s Guy is flexible and open-minded, this list is subject to change.

More Things That Guy’s Guys Like

A smile from across the room, Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, winning a piece of new business, your father’s laughter, a sweaty workout after a long night, homemade smoothies, early Sunday morning in NYC, flip flops, the Jolly Roger, The Eagles first album, that first dive and last dives into the ocean each year, grilled fish, reruns of Mister Ed when you’re hung over, reeling a feisty bluefish into the boat, that broken-in leather belt that goes with everything, connecting people and seeing it all work out, a pair of freshly broken-in running shoes, a fluffy towel after a hot shower, your fantasy football draft, fish tacos, sex in the morning, outdoor cafes in May, when technology makes life easier, driving the green, that first kiss, women with toned bodies, active listening, vintage acoustic guitars, summer wind, kids playing, aloe plants, waking up next to someone you love, Jeff Bridges movies, always having a great joke to tell, content over curating, radio, heels and shapely calves, peaceful solutions, going for it, organic, Joe Frazier, pancakes with real maple syrup, the heavyweight championship of the world on the line, your own personal style, that go-to pair of jeans, Orchard Street south of Delancey, dark rum, free weights, a good night’s sleep, three-run homers.

More Things Guy’s Guys Don’t Like

Unnecessary sequels of bad movies, not showing up, standing inline, insufficient fare on your Metro card as the C train pulls into the station, dirty looks from the bartender when you order a club soda, rushing to cross the street as the light changes while pushing a stroller, not qualifying a sales lead, covering your ass with email, paying retail for clothing, retail workers talking to one another other while you’re waiting to pay, greeters at banks (WTF), reality shows about hillbillies and swamp people, not saying “thank you” when someone does you a solid, OMG, unlabeled GMO foods, “who are you wearing?”, skinny jeans on dudes, light beer ads that think they’re clever, big dogs forced to live in little apartments, white flour/rice/sugar, a weak clammy handshake, cigarettes, ads using dogs (lazy), steroids (WTF), sugary breakfast cereal that claim they are good for you, obviousness, violent video games, fear-inducing media, watching too much sports (really), trash talk, teams that run out the clock at the end, of the first half, waking up to construction noise on the weekend, the weeks between the Super Bowl and March Madness, chasing fashion, air kisses, artificial sweeteners, uninspired kisses (why even bother).

I could go on and on and on, but that should suffice for now.

This week’s Guy’s Guy of the Week is LeBron James. Even if you’re a Knicks fan, but you’ve got to give him props. The “King” is on a roll.