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Who Is Roger Fox and Why Should You Care?

Photo courtesy of Ryan Milani
Every so often a character in a movie, TV series or in literature hits the audience’s emotional bulls eye. It is usually due to a combination of story circumstances, an undeniable “likability” or “watchability” of the character regardless of their behavior (think Hannibal Lecter or Tony Montana), but most often it is the character’s reflection of the current culture.  And many times these unrelenting fictional personas are not the lead characters in the story (Zack Galifianakis in The Hangover, Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, and Joe Pesci in GoodFellas). In my debut novel, THE GUYS’ GUY’S GUIDE TO LOVE, Roger Fox, a ridiculously handsome and flawed, yet self-aware womanizer, has taken center stage in the press and in reviews. The story’s subtext suggests that the difference between the male characters in the book is how they manage their “inner-Roger”. Just this week I received an email from a colleague whose ex was reading the book. She mentioned his identifying with Max, the lead in GGG2LOVE, but having more “Rogerness” than he was aware of or admitting to. 

Why Is Roger So Easily Identifiable? 

Roger Fox is a new archetype, the non-apologetic lady-killer with a soul, and he devours every scene he is involved in. He rises up, he is taken down, he evolves (or does he?) and ultimately he does something significant that readers would not expect, which is why he is the epicenter of the novel’s subtext.  Roger exists in a fictional realm that transcends the smack-talking cads featured in network television like, The Rules of Engagement or How I Met Your Mother, and two-dimensional prototypes of the Hollywood lothario that we’ve come to expect and accept as the candy our pop culture is dolling out to us. 
Roger is circumspect, so even if his aware that his heart is temporarily void, he happily takes what his world offers. In New York City’s rough and tumble dating scene, he doesn’t have to search very hard to find a number of able and willing partners. And so the cycle continues…

What Makes Roger Relevant Now?

Take a quick look at what’s going on in our culture. As the world shrinks and our options expand, the notion of long-term relationships has dwindled. And it’s understandable. With the omnipresence of online dating, your next romantic connection is only a click away. No man up approach is necessary to impress a woman.  No personal charm or clever repartee is required beyond his digital scribbles and white lies when he is communicating online and more importantly, no apologies are offered when it’s time to say goodbye. ‘Delete’ is all that is necessary to eliminate that person from your lifeline. As Roger’s conscience, I can confidently state that this is unacceptable. You deserve better.  You deserve real connections. And even Roger Fox talks a better talk and walks a better walk than that. Demand more of your guys, ladies.

Do You Know A Roger Fox?